Americans lost trillions in 2022
Conventional financial wisdom is anything but
We’ve been brought up on antiquated financial beliefs from well-meaning friends and hopeful novices. In 2022, the market crash cost millions of people over $7 trillion dollars.  This is because of out-dated, human-led investment strategies  which do not minimize impact from these dips.
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It has been proven, time and time again, that unless you understand your investment persona or profile, that a mismatch will cost you millions during the next market set-back.  At the moment we are offering our tool for use by everyone at no cost, whether you invest with us or not.
Discover Your Investor Persona
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Precision, flexibility, and world-class security meet to give you unparalleled control over your investment portfolio. As a fiduciary advisory we employ the latest in security standards, such as 256-encrypted SSL technologies, giving you 24/7 secure access to your money. Our advanced AI harnesses the power of smart rebalancing, allowing you to be hands off with your investments to spend more time on yourself. Our team of experienced professionals are always on hand to provide guidance and support
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Did you know that a 50% dip in the market requires a 100% return to recover what you lost?
What no one else is telling you about investing
The power of tactical rebalancing - one intelligent decision per month can change everything.
Disclaimer: This graph is representative of a hypothetical
scenario, not actual performance. Detailed performance
data can be reviewed in the Sidepocket platform.
Tactical Outperformance
Benchmark Performance
Disclaimer: This graph is representative of a hypothetical
scenario, not actual performance. Detailed performance
data can be reviewed in the Sidepocket platform.
True wealth is having more time with those who matter
Those who put their family first, always
Like us, Larry understands that even with all the right tools, and  endless time to watch the market, that it’s the small moments that matter.  And when thinking long term, that means spending times with loved ones and trusting technology to truly get ahead in life.
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Spend time today on what really matters to you
Even with the knowledge and experience required to invest, the time spent managing those investments will still take you away from what matters - your family, your career, and your passions. Learn how to avoid the most common early mistakes made by new investors by using our Investor Checklist
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If you’re retiring in the next few years, we can help you protect your life’s earnings.
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Working with us is different, but not for everyone
We live in turbulent times
The markets are perpetually changing, and this can make new investors more vulnerable to financial loss than they realize.
You can minimize impact of market crashes
What we do better than all of our competitors is reducing the risk and impact of market crashes and dips through tactical asset allocation.
Signal updates every minute,
every day
Sidepocket’s next-era technology monitors your investment portfolio every minute and adapts to market trends so you can focus on what's important - and you'll have access to your money and 24/7 client support.
At Sidepocket, we want to provide you with the
tools, insight and technology to live better
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Based on your Investment Persona Quiz results, we’ll work with you to select the best investment strategy to achieve your goals.
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Spotlight: Larry
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We're a great option for financially savvy, patient investors who understand that building a nest-egg is about minimizing reductions as well as maximizing investments - let us do the work for you so you can focus on pursuing your passions!
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If you’re retiring in the next few years,you must protect your life’s earnings

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